Take Two

Its been exactly one week since the motor failed at our first track test.  The cases have been split and every part laid out and checked.  The heads have been gone though again to make sure there was no hidden damage.  We wanted to make sure we had a solid motor that would not need to be torn down again until the end of the season.

After just four days, and a lot of overnight shipping, everything was ready to reassemble.  The crank, cam, rods all back in to the bottom end and torqued up.  The top end went back on as well, valves adjusted and ignition timed.  The motor and transmission are then bolted together in the heavy aluminum mounting plates along with the primary drive.  The whole assembly then just drops into the frame.  Then its just carbs, electrical, tank and bodywork.   A few more parts were safety-wired up to make sure the bike was ready for tech inspection at the track.

We were exactly back to where we started with version 1.0 of our vintage racing Norton.

The was no time left for a track test.  We are on our way to Road America in just two days.  All we could do is fire the bike up on the dyno and run through a few heat cycles on the motor.  It fired up just fine and the motor was strong as it ever was.  Given the circumstances, we are as ready as we could be.  Off to the races with a motorcycle that has never touched a track!


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