Mid-Ohio was another chance to get some footage of Kenny on the track.  As for myself, I was stuck back in NYC.  It was an amazingly hot week with temperatures 100+ degrees, which made it tough for Kenny to get out there and get setup.  Doug MacRae also came out for the event.  He is a fellow Norton racer, as well as the photographer that took the shot on the main page of this site!

Friday’s practice was good, but the Saturday race was canceled as the heat gave way to heavy downpours.  Mid-Ohio’s track can be very slick in the rain.  Sunday the weather broke and the TV crew was able to get their filming wrapped up.  The TV crew have been very good guys to work with and I hope they can produce a nice episode for their coming season.

The motorcycle a progressed a long way.  However, we still have some work to do to be ready for Barber and we be running additional track tests over the next two months.

Mid-Ohio is run by the AMA.  While the vintage motorcycle racing is not part of AHRMA, it is still a fantastic event with a much broader appeal.  I hope everyone reading this has taken the time to become a member of the AMA in support of all aspects of motorcycling in our country.


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