Wheels and Brakes

The front hub is Norvil racing 6-bolt hub to accommodate twin disks.  The front sliders are Norvil as well, with cast-in caliper holders.  Beautiful pieces, and very original.  Rear hub is a Triumph T160 4-bolt hub, complete with Steve Maney cush drive and custom sprockets, driven by EK 520RX gold GP racing chain, both expensive and light!.  Custom sprockets for Maney cush drive can be sourced at Rebel Gears.

The front rim is Excel polished alloy shouldered 18″, WM3 (2.15″) and was laced by Buchanan’s with stainless spokes.  Rear wheel was laced by Kenny, with Buchanan’s stainless spokes, and an Excel polished alloy shouldered, 18″, WM4 (2.5″).

The tires are the best out there for vintage racing – Dunlop KR164 on the rear (approx 130/70 – 18″) with soft compound.  The compound is specially ordered from the UK, not available in the US.  It is exactly the same compound as the Moto2 GP riders run when they run soft compounds.  In fact, all our vintage Dunlops use the same compounds as the Moto2 riders – in the US we get the medium compounds.  The front is a Dunlop KR825 (approx 80/80 – 18″), which was not created for large-displacement 750cc bikes but has adapted very well to the Seeley chassis.

Rotors are Norvil 11.5″ cast iron, semi-floating.  Drilled to Kenny’s pattern.  Drilling saved 1.2lbs in weight.  Rear rotor is stock Triumph T160, skimmed and lightened.

Calipers are Dual AP Racing (Lockheed) CP – 2696 twin pot 41mm calipers on the front, and a single floating AP Racing CP – 2696 on the rear.

Front master is a Brembo 16mm, found on 70s era Bevel Ducatis.  Rear is a Brembo 12mm, which I have a note from AHRMA technical director stating it is legal for F750 as it was run on Bevel Ducatis.  Brake Lines are KC Goodridge braided stainless with coated plastic covering.